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Ancient Monuments and other Historical Sites

Ancient Monuments and other Historical Sites

 in Glenlivet and the Cairngorms, Aberdeenshire, Grampian,

Moray, Nairn and Inverness-shire


Reviewed Jan-Feb 2018


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The north east of Scotland is rich in standing stones and other reminders of far off times.  The following links might be useful if you are interested in this -

Historic Scotland

Historic Scotland Website

Aberdeenshire Archaeology Service - their website actually covers more than just Aberdeenshire.  If this link ever breaks down, go to the Aberdeenshire Council website and look for their Archaeology Service in the A to Z index.

Aberdeenshire Archaeology Webpage



Clava Cairns  (East of Inverness near Culloden)                            1.13   TA

Historic Scotland Webpage for Clava Cairns

Undiscovered Scotland Webpage for Clava Cairns

Bing Images of Clava Cairns

Historic Scotland

A well preserved Bronze Age cemetery complex of passage graves, cairns

and standing stones.


Free to visit all year round


Culloden Battlefield                                                          1.13   TA

National Trust Webpage for Culloden

Undiscovered Scotland Webpage for Culloden

National Trust

Their website seems to open in the largest text on my computer and is not easy to read.  If this happens to you as well, click View on your toolbar, click Text Size and select medium.easily.

Audio visual presentation on the story of Culloden - fascinating Jacobite

exhibition with weapons and artefacts of the period – wander around the

battlefield itself  – restaurant - bookshop

Opening times

Site open all year, but Visitor Centre, Restaurant and Shop only open as


November to March: daily from 10-4 pm

     but closed 24/25/26 Dec and 1/2 January

     and only open from 10.00to 2 pm on Hogmanay

January - February: daily from 10.00 until 4.00 pm

March - May: daily from 9.00 until 6.00 pm

June - August: daily from 9.00 until 7.00 pm

September - October: daily from 9.00 until 6.00 pm

01463 796 090



Groam House Museum  (Rosemarkie)                                       1.32   TA

Groam House Museum Website

The principal exhibits are collection of 15 carved Pictish stones from as

far back as the 8th century.

Opening times

until 29th March: Friday to Sunday from 2.00 until 4.00 pm

30th March to 31st October: Monday to Friday from 11.00 until 4.30 pm

                                                     Saturday-Sunday from 2.00 until 4.30 pm

01463 811 883


Tarbat Discovery Centre  (Portmahomack)                             2.00   TA

Tarbat Discovery Centre Website

Based in the Old Parish Church.  Excavations next to the Church have

revealed the only Pictish monastic settlement found to date, consisting

of dedicated workshops for glass-making, metal-working, vellum

production and woodworking.  There are also farming areas, a

millpond and a surfaced road all of which date between the 6th and

11th century AD.  There have been numerous beautiful pieces o

sculpture unearthed both inside and outside the church and these are

now on display inside the Museum.  A total of six churches have

existed within the building, the earliest of which dates back to 8th


Opening hours (last entry 4.15)

Easter to 30th April: Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm

May: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm

June to September: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm

                                    Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm

October: daily from 2pm-5pm

01862 871 351


The following websites give information on Portmahomack and

Fearn Abbey which can be visited on the way to or from Portmahomack.

Undiscovered Scotland Webpage for Portmahomack

Undiscovered Scotland Webpage for Fearn Abbey



Sueno’s Stone  (Forres)                                                       0.51   TA

Historic Scotland Webpage for Sueno's Stone

One of the most remarkable sculptured monuments in Britain, most

likely Pictish and carved sometime around the ninth century.  Now

enclosed in protective glass box, it stands over twenty feet high.

A large cross is carved on one side and a battle scene on the other -

foot soldiers with swords and spears, piles of headless bodies,

severed heads, ranks of soldiers, archers and horsemen surrounding

a defensive tower, and warriors leaving the field.

Free to visit all year round.

The following websites give information on the town of Forres and

local attractions such as the Falconer Museum, St.Laurence Church

and Forres in Bloom

Undiscovered Scotland Webpage for Forres

Moray Council Webpage for the Falconer Museum

Undiscovered Scotland Webpage for St Laurence Church

The main power base of the Northern Picts was on the coast at

Burghead, and, although almost  all of the fortifications were

obliterated during the creation of a new town in the early nineteenth

century, a couple of carved stones found during the excavation can

be seen in the Headland Trust Visitor Centre in Burghead.

Burghead Headland Trust Website

Undiscovered Scotland Webpage for Burghead









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